Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go Kart!

Go Karting - thought of 'main' go kart this weekend at the Shah Alam Stadium, so made some enquiries after searching on the net.

Get this. It is RM120-RM130 for 35 mins. Include a qualifying round and practise rounds. Asked the fella if can get discount for group. He said just a little bit. :( I wonder if the price before the go-karting event was featured in Asia's Amazing Race.

What a drag that it's so expensive. Cmon, it's just go-kart after all.

1 comment:

yipguseng said...

RM120-RM130 for 35 mins, ouch! i already thought that normal paintball would caused the wallet to bleed, but this is even worst -_-!

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