Monday, May 14, 2007


The older you get, the crankier you get i tell you. And when i'm cranky, EVERYTHING irks me. Here's what to do when you're cranky.
1) Eat. Eat and just be merry.
2) Sleep it off. More often than not you wake up feeling less crappy.
3) Get a massage. Sometimes a bit of sadism helps.
4) Pick on something and just yell it out. You get tired and you'll stop, then the crankiness will vanish.
5) Grab a beer. Alone or with anyone that's not making you feel even more cranky.
6) Isolate yourself. Dont be a menace. Nobody likes a cranky bitch/bastard.

Is there a reason why we're cranky? Maybe it's cause we're frustrated about something or about our lives and how we are living it. Maybe we're not living it, and so u think the world owes you, and you get all worked up and cranky about it. And, pls, it's not always the PMS that's controlling our (me and all the women in the world) mood.

Hey, men get cranky too. Remember Mr. Scrooge from A Christmas Carol? (Charles Dickens).

And if you happen to be in the company of a cranky person, remember this, STAY AWAY and just ignore him/her at all times, that is until he/she snaps out of it.

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