Thursday, May 03, 2007


SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 1: Men must always be the one to make decisions. Go see, most men are indecisive. But then again some women are indecisive too. But well, when required, if the woman can or have to make a decision, why not? Why always have to wait for bf/husband to make the final say?

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 2: Men must always be the driver. Well, some men do like to drive, so be it. I know a couple where the gf drives, which i think is totally cool! There's no written law that says that women can't be the driver. Yar, a lot of people say women suck at driving, but some men suck at it too.

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 3: Can't go out without applying any makeup. WTF?

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 4: Women must be meek, polite and demure, soft-spoken and dainty-like. Sheesh. If you're pretending to be something you're not, you're just a phony.

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 5: Girls who follow their bf everywhere. Alamak. Get a life. Seriously. You wont be anything if you can't stand alone. Eat alone. Travel alone.


endroo G said...

oi.... gimme a permalink lah for that "Go see" !!

Pixelated Mo said...

true ah... quite a few girls like this one... and yes there are more and more guys who cant seem to drive a car well...

Gallivanter said...

I noticed the last point keeps repeating itself through your entries. LOL.

Anyway, driving is my hobby, and ahem, partially because I suffer from a little thing call motion sickness. LOL. My ex-gf loved me for it, that I drive her around with no complaints. There's no written law that men can't be the only driver in the relationship either. It depends on how comfortable you are with the other person. Hence, this is NOT shallow thinking if you look at it a different angle. Chill la. :-P

kyels said...


How true!

cely said...

hahaa, somehow, i cannot agree all points..

point 1: If i were to wait my bf to make the final say, i would take it as, i respect him and let him make the decision. Off coz discussion were done earlier. :p

point2: I know the COUPLE also. Wahahaha... sound so FAMILIAR

point3: Erm... make up is a form of respect. applying a bit, should be ok.

point4: I AGREED! Totally agreed. But then, some guys ego, wanted gf to be that way.. haha.. supply = demand. Bo bian.

point5: hmm.. it depends.

belle said...

eh eh!! i can drive alone if bf not around.but when he is around i would prefer he drive! its an indulgence for me.
others i agree but hor somtime guys suck at makin decision ok..when u give final hit they will b like yadda yadda.. xx

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