Monday, May 28, 2007

Women Need their Girlfriends?

Caught this on the May Lee show last night, that all women in their 30s need to have their girlfriends with them because conversations are more productive when u reach that age. First of all, I think women of all ages should have girlfriends. But secondly, i don't think it necessarily have to be girlfriends.

If what May Lee thinks is that women in their 30s need girlfriends to share and indulge in life.. well, male friends can do that too.

i dont find giggling and gossiping with a bunch of women as rewarding as sharing opinions and life over beer with women/men.

i dont find women make better companions than men. not necessarily.

i dont find men talk cock all the time. some are actually capable of sharing very intimate thoughts and feelings on a emotional level.

i think it should have been rephrased that Women or Male need to have genuine friends as companions at any age.
even a kid need to have their playmates to have a more stimulating childhood :).

1 comment:

visithra said...

well said - ur good friends dont necessarily need to be from the same gender - never understood that one - trust n conversation doesnt come by gender

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