Thursday, May 31, 2007


Why is it that some people who actually don't have a lot of appointments like to appear that they are busy and always even with friends tell them 'I'll get back to you later', "i'll confirm later",' see how laaaa'.

Some people also like to show up late for whatever appointments/gatherings that they themselves set the time at. I wonder if they know that they are an annoyance and that it's wrong to waste other people's time.

What about settling on the venue and time? I've had a few experience of ding-donging the whole day emailing back and forth with just 5 girls trying to fix the venue and time. We ended up elsewhere in the end anyway. Some dont like spicy food ler, the location, some got prior engagements la..etc etc etc.

I like to just set the venue/time/date and ask everyone OK or NOT. If not, then all's well, limit the ding-donging and throw in other suggestions. If there is no reaching compromise, then forget it. You can't accomodate to everyone. Someone has to be 'let go'.

And...really why make up stories that you've got other plans when you actually don't. Nobody would say you're a loser. Nobody would laugh at you that you've got nothing to do in the weekends. There's nothing weaker than insecurity.


zeroimpact said...

I know I did that also, but then again I try my best not to and always tries to be on time or earlier
I think its just wrong to waste others time, even when its a genuine thing that you have other appointments

kyels said...

I love the last line. It's true, totally!


cash said...

Some people are just that indecisive :P

Pixelated Mo said...

these are the same people that say "on the way!"

The Oriental Express said...

Punctuality is important.

Interesting blog name you have. Sounds like "Tidak Apa", but you are actually quite a thought provoking and serious writer! :-)

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