Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Bad to Good

There were times when really bad singers made me squirm in disgust. And then years later they come up with some really new refreshing sounds and kinda made me see them in a new light. And then there are some that remain just as bad like Fergie...haha.

1) Justin Timberlake- i've honestly never liked him even when he was in N'Sync. But then he changed my view on him with his latest album FutureSex/LoveSounds...

2) Nelly Furtado- used to find her voice really irritating- the Fly-Like-A-Bird days, then she had a new album in 2006 called Loose and that just changed everything. My fave song of hers is Maneater.

3) Jennifer Lopez- remember the Love Wont Cost A Thing days? I used to just like her songs only if she collaborated with another rapper. Then i heard some new songs of hers from the Como Ama una Mujer album. Or maybe it's coz everything just sounds nicer in spanish..haha.

Got any?


Gallivanter said...

Timberland waved his magic wand and saved Timberlake and Furtado. I heard both albums, and I think Timberlake's album is especially good. Jury's out on J LO.

belle said...

i agree! timbaland rawks! heard their give it to me? super unpredictable beats.
btw im maneater lol!
sze say it right is OH SO SEXY

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