Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Pay Rise

So it's finally announced. Big big increment for civil servants, in particular, our police force. To nearly about 20%. The PM justifies this due to the increase in GDP, fuel prices, tax system etc.

There are pros and cons. For one thing those policeman who was making duit kopi out of the citizens are gonna make more. Will it stop them from making more in view fact that they would have made 'sufficient' now with the increment. But well, we all know it's never enough. Perhaps now you get scot free for less duit kopi. Or perhaps these policemen will lessen the frequency of the sometimes untimely roadblocks. The rakyat can only hope. NO MORE DUIT KOPI!

And then there are those policemen and civil servants who have served the country and maybe as the PM has mentioned has salary that is borderline poverty. The BIG PAY RISE is to support and help them out of poverty. The question is, what about the rest of us? We din (just recently) pay tax for nothing, ya know. When's the money gonna work for us pulak?

I'm just thinking, with the BIG PAY RISE, are they going to eliminate the non-working lazy civil servants and actually benefit the ones that do WORK. Instead of giving a big fat increment, the govt should really look into the staff selection criteria and improvise productivity by keeping the GOOD ones around. If you think about it, if you have 3 lazy bums working at the customer service replaced by one really good worker, hell, i don't mind contributing my tax payment to his/her salary as long as i get my things done. Half the time, i spent hours at the police station or govt offices on what that could have been resolved within an hour.

And aren't we all going paperless nowadays? I'll rather have them dump the money on a really good system to improve our country's efficiency in ALL aspects electronic-wise than to feed more unworthy lazy bums.

How about using the money to cover up that HUGE pothole near my house that's been there for 8 years.

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Gallivanter said...

There's a reason why your place is called Old Klang Road...that's y potholes are needed to remind...LOL

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