Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mr Hanky, The Christmas Poo

We've all heard of Rudolph and his shiny nose..
And we all know frosty who's made out of snow..
But all of those stories seem kind of gay..
Cos we all know who brightens up our holiday..

Mr Hanky, The Christmas Poo
Small and Brown, he comes from you
Sit on the toilet, here he comes
Squeezin' 'tween your festive buns!

A present from down below
Spreading joy with a 'howdy ho'!
He's seen the love inside of you
Cos he's a piece of poo!

Sometimes he's nutty, sometimes he's corny
He can be brown, or greenish-brown
But if you eat fiber on Christmas Eve
He might come to your town..

Miraculously, i still remember this song from Southpark.


kyels said...


Thank you for reviving this song into my head!

I remember watching the series when I was still 13, wow, that was long ago, aye.


Pixelated Mo said...

yeah i remember that episode

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