Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bullied or just a PUSHOVER?

Make this a checksheet for yourself; if you score anywhere between 70-100%, most likely you are either being bullied or just generally a pushover at WORK.
1) Are you always the one driving your colleagues out for lunch (unless you like to drive)?
2) Are you the last to leave the office because you have too much work while most of your colleagues have time for coffee breaks or chat time during working hours?
3) Are you always the one writing the minutes even when there's a secretary available?
4) You don't have a parking space even though other managers at the same level as you have a permanent one.
5) You are always left out for company after work happy hours and free meals.
6) Your boss passes down the minutes or forward emails of what HE has to do and ask YOU to complete the tasks. Once completed, you email only HIM your work .....
7) You don't have a say in any decision-making tasks, other managers at your level always decide that YOU do the work in the end.
8) The tea lady makes coffee for everyone but YOU.
9) Your MD/Director laughs and kutuk you during meetings and you just smile and laugh along.
10) You accept whatever increment/bonus that is given to you even if it's unfair without much appeal or objection.


kyels said...

It depends. But most of the time people are bullies.

cash said...

Phew! I'm not :D

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