Friday, May 11, 2007

Jazz Cafe

One of those rare times that i actually browse through RTM2 and what a delight it was to chance upon Late Night at Jazz Cafe...featuring Patrick Teoh as the host. Had a very David Letterman feel, with the initial stand-up comedian session by Patrick Teoh before the featured singer gets to belt out her/his number. Then a short interview with the guest making an appearance that day.

First of all, I really like Patrick Teoh. Yeah I may be biased coz he's from ipoh, but the guy makes me laugh. Anyone seen THE EXECUTIVE SPA yet? Or remember those days when he was deejay-ing? Compared to the crappy deejays these days who talk non-stop about NOTHING that annoy more than entertain you anyways.

Quite like the show, although the setting is kinda duddy. But ohwell, I think it's a good start of something different for Malaysia. Thank gawd for veterans like Patrick Teoh...wonder if Janet Ambrose (if i remember correctly) would join him one of these days....have a little Kelly Ripa & Regis feel :).


chelva said...

here's his blog if ur interested..

Pixelated Mo said...

I remember one indian guy did something like this on Metro Vision... then Harith Iskandar started a talk shown... Now Patrick Teo has one too ah... hmmm

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