Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend of Weddings and Separations..

Just over the weekend, I met a friend of mine who's confided in me about her husband whom she think is too stingy. Just like any woman these days, she's scheming with a friend of mine who's in the midst of a divorce. Question is, how does one go from loving someone to full hatred after 2 years of marriage. Her reasoning was that he changed after they got married. but with further provoking i just proved to her that she ALWAYS knew that he wasn't her type, she just missed out the little clues he left.

But the husband is incorrigibly and disgustingly stingy. Stingy with a purpose, well that's reasonable- saving up for the future etc.... But if the husband refuses to buy a dvd for the wife, well, I'd say goodbye to that.

Then i met up with my friends, 3 of them are getting married! We have been friends since we were 7 years old- a bunch of us, and everyone's talking about breaking the curse- the curse that none of us got married until NOW. Finally, 3 weddings! Ohwell, you know girls can be quite superstitious especially when it comes to these kinda things. So, specially to tzewei, june, eva, huilarn, shamila, -yar, the curse is broken, thanks to the about-to-get-married ones, ming, sookching and chuilyn!

Btw, anyone knows a bungalow-converted-to-restaurant where one can hold their weddings at?

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LiEw said...

there's on opposite the HP tower in Bukit Damansara. i think they can cater 50-100 person. i was there for a nokia soft launch but i can't remember what it's called again.

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