Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fading Like A Flower

In a time where the sun descends alone
I ran a long long way from home
To find a heart that’s made of stone
I will try, I just need a little time
To get your face right out of my mind
To see the world through different eyes
Every time I see you oh I try to hide away
But when we meet it seems I can’t let go
Every time you leave the room
I feel I’m fading like a flower- ROXETTE

I had a long long talk with a good friend of mine, LSW, about our new found significant other. Simply put, when you've been with bastards/bitches, you know it when you stumble upon a gem. You just won't be able to let it go.

And then there are some who are still searching for what you perceive as a gem, when you've just missed one among the rubbles you've created. There's no such thing as searching for it. It'll come when the time is right. To my fren, W.E., take it easy. if he wants a relationship with you, he'll make the right moves.


endroo G said...


Pixelated Mo said...

endroo sure kembang' already.... kekeke

I believe many people forget the friendship part in a relationship...and how important it is to build on this as a foundation..... because if you dont, then after all the fizzle and lovy-dovey feeling subsides... you will suddenly think to themslves.. who the F@#k is this beside me...

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