Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Bastards and Bastards-Magnets

I've met over the weekend 2 guys who claimed the same thing. And get this. one is 26 and the other is 23. I can't help but feel like these 2 guys seems to be repeating the same mantra. ( i guess boys will be boys)

a) that they have multiple girlfriends at the same time.
b) the girlfriends know it but they accept it anyway. (what, stupid ah?)
c) that they didn't ask for it, the girls came to them. (yah right.)
d) that they are emotionally attached despite everything.
e) that they can't decide

Here's what i told them.
a) intro the girls to me so that i can slap them till they are awake.
b) you might enjoy the process of changing gfs like underwears but you'll get sick of it one day and realize how much time you've wasted on rubbish like this.
c) sex is not everything
d) just because women do not respect themselves enough to be fair to themselves does not give you the passport to disrespect them. dont treat women like they're a piece of meat.

So to the two guys, yar you may think you're a hunk or something, but...i always believe in karma. :)


kyels said...

Men are jerks for most of the time. Yes, not all of them but most of them are MCPs. The good ones are really nice though.


Well, don't really like the idea of women being treated like a piece of meat but sometimes I think they make it all easier for people to treat them like crap.

Gallivanter said...

Who are these 2 clowns? They give men a bad name, shame on them for taking advantage of women like that.

b said...

wat goes around comes around
and to those not degrade us as female.

endroo G said...

sound familiar eh... that 26 year old. Is it that botak specky guy you met at AD5? I bet yeah.

Pixelated Mo said...


put in a slap or two for me..

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