Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spur of The Moment

How many of you had once in your lifetime done something totally out of character at the spur of the moment? It's spontaneous but also you normally wouldn't do. Count NOW how many times.

We all need those moments sometimes to 'colour' our lives a bit. Otherwise, what we have would be a rather monotonous, sad, uneventful life.
Have you ever wished you could pack your bags and leave? Well, dont just wish, do it. We sometimes unnecessarily bog ourselves down with excuses.

In this rat race, we are all living according to our PDA, schedules, deadlines, alarm clocks etc...Let's not think so much for once and just think about WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, RIGHT NOW.

Imagine you're like one of the WILD HOGS. haha


endroo G said...

then, is it possible in our malaysian society?

Vicky said...

i wan to pack n go too

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