Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prison Break 2

And so they have escaped the prison. The last season ended with them running towards the forest. Season 2 sees them trying to stay out of prison. Scofield and Burrows on the other hand are still trying to clear their name.

It is much more complicated as they find out to 'disappear' and many interesting characters are introduced here. I particularly like Alex Mahone, has a Clint Eastwood feel in him and certainly a deep character that made this season better.

This season also reveals of T-Bag's childhood. Yar, gotta admit i think T-Bag gives flavour to the season, otherwise, if Prison Break was to stand alone with just Scofield and Burrows (cmon, he was from JOHN DOE), would probably be really mundane and boring. Thank gawd for T-Bag and Abruzzi :)

The president having an affair with her own brother somewhat disappointing and yet very bill clinton-like , so...yeah. It's not entirely unbelievable i guess, :).

Definite A MUST SEE!


Gallivanter said...

OI! At least have the decency to insert a SPOILER remark earlier la. I'm only at episode 14! @##@$#@!!!

endroo G said...

hey, we're gonna finish up the last episode today. Sucre.

tihtahpah said...

kekeke. maaf gallivanter, hehehehe.
and endroo.....heard the last episode is a disappointment

Elaine Tan said...

I wanna watch it!! grrrrrrrrrr!! I can't find the series in Adelaide!

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