Monday, May 21, 2007

The Power of Media?

My uncle has switched from BBC to Al-Jazeera nowadays. Why? Perhaps it is in his perception that Al-Jazeera is more 'true' and reliable than any other news network. How true that is we will never know nor is there a way to measure.

How could you be sure anyways? What with stories speculating Tony Blair's initial 'stardom' was structured and schemed by his assistance who was a former tabloid newsperson. Perhaps it was his foresight that he knew he had to look good and groomed to be the media darling to succeed. But the truth always prevail. As of now, after his resignation,he would always be known as Bush's accomplice to the atrocities that is happening in Iraq.

And so we've turned to other sources now. Blogs and other websites....of such is which is recently being flamed at. Here's a website where we can actually submit our stories- and readers rate 'em.

And well, we can't rely on our radio. They can't even get the music right. Let's not hope for anything substantial from our more often than not NOISY deejays (who makes no sense most of the time).

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