Thursday, May 24, 2007

Got Tagged!

Which Act No Longer Performing Live Would I have Loved To See - botak tagged me on this...seriously, we hardly get any good acts here so i really wouldnt know which band/artist are actually no longer performing live. But here's the 5 that I would really love to see...

1) Blondie- Only because i think women rockers do bring in a different element compared to male rockers. And Blondie was so famous-One Way or Another(also soundtrack for Coyote Ugly), Maria, etc

2) Heart- More women rockers. I was introduced to the song 'Alone' by my indon fren and i was hooked. I haven't even heard the original because me and the indon use to just sing it out loud while he's playing the guitar, and already..i loved the song. Also i'm sure everyone know 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You'. (how can you not know)

3) Queen- oh...i share the same sentiment as Botak. This is to me the ultimate act. Forget MJ or Madonna whatever, Queen was legendary, the costumes, the incredible assemble, and of coz Freddie Mercury. Would really love to see them perform Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure and the rest of the other wonderful tracks they have.

4) Billy Idol- Ok, yar, i dont really know his songs that well, but i've seen some of his live performances on tv and it's quite phenomenal, and well, punk mar. The costumes and makeup is outrageous and the songs are legendary. Would love to watch him do Rebel Yell. I believe he is still performing but probably not on a large scale basis.

5) Roxette- Are they still performing? Practically grew up listening to Roxette. Songs are upbeat and well, we all know their songs! Songs i would like to hear are Fading Like A Flower, Vulnerable, Spending My Time, Almost Unreal.


Gallivanter said...

I like Heart, but only a handful of songs, the rest are average. Blondie annoys me and so does Billy Idol.

Roxette is okay, but I think they're still performing live, so, irrelevant to this tag. :-P


Pixelated Mo said...

seems like Queen is in everyones list.

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