Monday, May 07, 2007

Karaoke Bugs

Remember how it used to be when karaoke joints were dodgy and usually you're belting out in public? And usually sleazy and songs were duddy and usually evergreen numbers?

Now karaoke joints are everywhere, even in my 1st sis' condo in Singapore where my mom and her friends hangout at night at after their daily chores- a place to unwind and sing their hearts out.

Yar, not only the young ones go karaoke these days.

So here's the ratings based on my preference, you DO NOT have to agree....
1) Best Food- Galaxy ( i meant the best among the worst really)
2) Best Sound- Red Box
3) Worst Mike- Neway
4) Worst Service- Sunway Red Box
5) Best Service- Galaxy
6) Worst Sound- Galaxy
7) Worst Rooms- Songbird
8) Best English Songs selection- Neway
9) Worst PICK-YOUR-SONG navigation system (using the remote)- NEWAY/ EBOX


kyra said...

there's even one at my papa's office. Big screen, 1000+ songs. You can bring your own food in...cost of rental $50 for ONE WHOLE DAY! talk about staff benefits!

Gallivanter said...

It's all the same to me. Neway has older English songs than Redbox, but sucky navigation. Food - they ALL suck!

tihtahpah said...

kyra: i'm glad to have a 1-year-old niece who can type with perfect english. such a smartie you are :)
gallivanter: when's someone gonna come up with a one stop entertainment outlet with cheap booze, great karaoke set and great edible food ...

cely said...

turn your empty room to k-room! haha, but the karaoke set

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