Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Six Degrees

It's just the beginning of the week and i discovered that Botak's friend know a childhood friend of mine and some other people i met during my short kickboxing days.

My friend LSW who's recently in a new relationship, his girlfriend happens to be a friend of my ex-colleague.

Six degrees -'s some advice..
1) stay true to yourself, if you do any bad, somehow or another ppl do find out.
2) dont think just because your gfs/bfs are scattered all over M'sia, that they won't meet. you'll never know.
3) what goes around comes careful of what you say!


Gallivanter said...

Why la? Meeting my friend opened up a can of worms? Got skeletons in your closet? :-P

Pixelated Mo said...

I thing when friendster first come to being this 'phenomenan' was discovered too..

its a small world...really

belle said...

so agree!!
its like everyone knows everyone = =

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