Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sandman- Thomas Haden Church

So Spiderman 3 was so-so. But I think the best thing out of Spiderman 3 was The Sandman. Thomas Haden Church played the character of the Sandman, who seems to be the nice bad guy. He quotes " I'm not a bad person, I just had bad luck." Some would remember him from the oscar nominated movie Sideways, where he plays a guy who's about to get married on a last roadtrip with his buddy. I remember him from a sitcom though, called WINGS, where he played a silly worker at the small airport in WINGS. This is perhaps the only movie i've seen him play a serious character. BUt, yes, I think Spiderman 3 is an opening for Thomas Haden Church to reach greater heights and better acts to follow. Certainly an actor worth noticing in years to come.

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Pixelated Mo said...

going to watch spidy 3 today... eventhough i heard alot of 'nice' things about it. :)

They shld not put in too many bad guys in one show... they should stay focused... and what is this about being sympathetic about villians.. bah!

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