Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For Insecure and Unhappy People

Do you feel insecure all the time? Why do you doubt everything in life? Why do you not trust anyone? Why can't you believe?

I think it's safe to say we're all emotionally scarred by things in the past, things that affect us, thing that made us suffer and weep. And no matter what people say, time doesn't necessarily heal or help. It's easy to say forgive and forget. move on. But in truth, we don't forget. Most of the time, it's stuck in our mind, and once in a while, we're reminded of it by the little things that happen.

But really, is this how you wanna live? Be sad and unhappy for the rest of your life thereafter?
We won't forget but let's make it a point to move on. The worst has happened so it can't get any worse? Right? Ok maybe not but, let's be optimistic. You can't get unlucky twice.

Or else what you gonna do? Put on an unhappy face whereever you go? Gonna drive all your good friends away. Don't you know that how u feel affects the people around you? When you feel insecure, you make your other half who loves you desperate to make you feel his love. When you feel unhappy, you make others worry for you.

If you really love those people around you, why put them through all that? You can be insecure or sad, but
let's not be SELFISH. Think of others.


kyels said...

You are right when you said "emotionally scarred". Most of the time when something unpredictable happens to us, we will automatically be scarred albeit the matter may not be a major one. People always say move on but if they had not been in our shoes they would not know how hard it is to let go and look at the other side of the world.

I find it easy for myself to forgive others but when it comes to forgetting; I cannot do it instantaneously because my brain cannot delete those details immediately. And it hurts when those recollection of memories come into play once again.

But of course, we still move on with life and enjoy everything the best we can.


Jemima said...

Great post, my friend.

Check out my old post when you're free. ;)

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