Monday, July 02, 2007

Being Gay

i must say that i've learnt alot about my fren and his way of life in my trip to Bangkok. It's like two worlds that he is in. But ultimately, they told me that they hv to stress that they are just like every other person in a relationship.

1) they don't just go for one-night-stands with just about any guy. u see they have a long list of criteria, level of hotness, HIV, and compatibility.
2) they're also some of those emo wans......waiting for true love and Mr. Right.

And i realize that there are so many gay jargons that i just found out...
1) Money Boy- gays looking for sugar daddies
2) Rat Boy- boys who do it for money- prostitution
3) chem- i dunno if this is universal, but it's a jargon for drugs..

Very educational weekend for me :)


endroo G said...


Jemima said...

This is very educational indeed.
Thanks for sharing, Ttpah.

kyels said...

I guess for every sexuality, there are jargon's for it.

There's also this jargon "boi" a fashionable way of spelling "boy". It's used as a synonym in the gay community is often used within the gay community to refer to a young-appearing (and in reality relatively young) bisexual or homosexual male, especially one who is somewhat effeminate.


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