Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mr. Pau

I have a staff stationed at my customer site during the day shift. and this is what he does:
1) he has to build up a network- get to know the customer personnels, from logistics, engine, qa, qc, R&D etc.
2) he lets those people know that he is available at all times and come look for him if there's any trouble with our parts supply.
3) everyday, he schemes on who he's taking out for lunch that day, or who to get some cigarrettes for.
4) his claim for those are termed as "entertainment claim"
5) when he meets the customers, he gauge on whether they WANT to be pau-ed, or NOT. Or whether they CAN be pau-ed.
6) his pau items include: dinner, roti canai, cigarrettes, lunch, kfc, drinks.
7) sometimes to get to know more people, he goes to other offices and have a smoking session with whoever's who happens to be at the smoking area.

Man......i'm beginning to think he sounds like a GRO!


zeroimpact said...

He's not?
Are you sure?

kyels said...

Hmmm ... Tsk tsk.

endroo G said...

thats work. If there's no Mr. Pau, the industry wont achieve growth.

tihtahpah said...

evidently, not everyone can be Mr. Pau...

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