Monday, July 23, 2007


My second sis listened to me and my other sisters' snake stories. By 'snake', I mean doing your own personal things or MIA at work either lepaking or most of the time yumcha-ing with friends.

It's of course totally wrong, even though almost all Malaysians do it. Me included. But that's how we are. Relax dulu. Some people say it shows we have no pride in our work. I take it as taking time off for a break so that we are more productive later. :)

And really, what's the harm. First it doesnt matter where u are or what you're doing, as long as you FINISH YOUR WORK and you're AVAILABLE all the time through the phone. Just some rules if you do intend to SNAKE, SNAKE SMART. Make sure your boss can get a hold of you all the time.

And well, you may say snaking is wrong but then, some of us do need to entertain customers. Take them out for a drink or two, minum teh at 3pm etc. So technically, you're just doing some PR work and not really 'snaking'. And it is somewhat a necessary skill nowadays cause customers also need to 'snake'. Take their mind off work for a bit.

So is it wrong? Even if you finish ur work? Even if you're driving back from ur customer/supplier side and u know you're gonna reach office at 5pm, then what? work for 30minutes just to comply to the 5.30pm clockoff rules? That's absurd. I would just drive straight home. What's wrong with that?

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kyels said...

To me there's nothing wrong with that. We work and we play too.


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