Monday, July 16, 2007

Innocent Voices

It was a movie about child soldiers in El Salvador, a civil war in the early 1980s. It was a heartfelt movie in a child's perspective, his fears, his aspirations, his determination and his strength.

It reminded me of a friend i met in Annapolis. he was an El Salvadorian, and we were working together in a japanese restaurant back then. He used to tell me stories of such but i didn't quite believe him. He even showed me a picture of himself then barely 11 years old holding a gun, smiling.

I guess he was telling the truth after all. how he and his mother struggled to leave El Salvador and went to US for better opportunity. They started all over again there and made a new home there.

Nice movie, but it's in Spanish...but good watch nevertheless.


endroo G said...

is it the movie we watched yesterday in the afternoon on astro?

kyels said...

Sounds like a nice movie. A movie aired on Astro?

tihtahpah said... was a movie aired on Astro..there's bound to be a repeat this month, so be on the watch out for this movie

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