Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Angpaus, White Paus, and Birthday Gifts

i wish people would stop asking me how much i'm paying for wedding angpaus...or white paus....or how much i'm spending on birthday gifts. People ask because they wanna compare. Make sure it's 'within the market range'.

First of all, how much you wanna pay is from the heart. if the person getting married is your buddy, then you pay whatever you think you can afford and based on how well you know that person. In the first place, why are u there unless if the person is a close friend or colleague, or obligatory because of some distant relationship, or a relative.

Second of all, really depends where the dinner is. Roughly can estimate mar. As for white paus, there are no guidelines. It's really from the heart.

And birthday gifts. I dunno why my girlfriends have a habit of first asking me if i'm getting a gift at all for the birthday person including lunch/dinner that we're paying for the birthday girl. I usually do. And if i did, they'll ask how much i paid for it. Then if they can share with me. What the hell???? You didn't get a gift and now u wanna leech on me, what? so you don't lose face? not be the only BAD FRIEND who showed up without a gift?

sorry, but my gifts are personalized. i try my best to choose something nice for the birthday person and no,,,,you're not going to CONVENIENTLY SHARE it with me.

SO EVERYONE, stop asking. Just 'pau' whatever u can or whatever that you think fits. Use your head.


vicky said...

ya i dont like the leeching part...

kyels said...

Well, sincerity is the key to everything.


I find it amusing whenever people start comparing how much one is paying for this and that ... *shakes head*

iamikel said...

if i ask you what type of 'pau' you like to eat, can mou?

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