Monday, July 30, 2007


Here's an excerpt of a conversation i had with my fellow Marketing colleague this morning.

Tihtahpah: Eh your marketing sekarang banyak orang la. You jaga customer mana sekarang?
MarketingFella: Saya jaga Perodua aje.
Tihtahpah: Habis, you punya colleague, si Lin to jaga mana?
MarketingFella: Itu si Lin?? Apa dia tau bikin?? Dia cuma tau bikin anak aje. Dia bikin dokumen aje la. Apa lagi.
Tihtahpah: (Eyes rolling in shock.)

What a way to start my Monday morning. Talk about male chauvinism, man. Had any encounters lately?


Jemima said...


zeroimpact said...

I think this happens all the time and its kinda subconcious
What to do, humans mah

belle said... fav pick up line "oi apa bikins"

kyels said...


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