Friday, July 20, 2007

The Human Factor

MorganFreeman-NelsonMandela , Morgan Freeman is playing Nelson Mandela in the movie The Human Factor.

"The Human Factor will follow the life of Mandela from the release of his 27-year imprisonment and after the first democratic election in South Africa following the fall of the apartheid. Mandela is most recognized for his work on South African reconciliation when his most pivotal and widely watched efforts were during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. South Africa was the host of the games when Mandela asked the black South Africans to support the widely-hated team the Springbok. The team won the world cup as Mandela revolutionized and began to unionize South African races by presenting the cup to Francois Pienaar; the captain of the rugby team."

Now this is something to look forward to.


kyels said...

Sounds like a great movie from the short synopsis that you've written.


endroo G said...

distinguised actor like Morgan is appropriate to portray Mr. Mandela.

who wanna go to Cape Town for World cup in 2010?

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