Thursday, July 19, 2007

How Come?

1) How come we have to pay so much toll and still kena traffic jam? why are we using the highway in the first place?
2) How come we have to pay 20cents or more for the public toilet and still get dirty toilets?
3) How come we have to pay RM2 for police reports?
4) How come the traffic police is allowed to jaga traffic even when the traffic lights are working fine? What's the point?
5) How come we have to make way during a traffic jam for the big guns, datos and what nots? IS their time more precious that ours?
6) How come we have to pay service charge for fast food?
7) How come foreign labors are allowed to be guards? Aren't some of them more of a hazard to us? And some don't even speak English or Malay.
8) How come teachers in government schools are still crappy? Are we not doing enough to make good teachers stay?
9) How come a lot of places dont take up our 1 cents? How come they are allowed to not take up the 1 cents?


kyels said...

How come our system is so incompetent?

Jemima said...

Let me know when you find out the answers to all those questions. :(

belle said...

well malaysia bulleh! thats all i gotto say

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