Thursday, July 19, 2007

Obligatory Friends

Just a while ago, Kyoko asked me what i call friends that you've known for a long time-but you don't necessarily click with them anymore, but somehow because you're in the same circle of friends, people tend to throw you guys in the same outings anyways.

I wonder what happened? How many of you guys have 'obligatory friends'? Maybe he/she's your friend because your parents knew each other, or you're friends because you've known each other for so long since primary school. Or just because you have to because you guys work so closely together? Or maybe you used to be his/her best friend, but over the years, either you or him/her have changed and you don't really 'ngam' with him/her anymore.

I think we've all been guilty of this crime- friends because we're too polite to reject them. Or to tell them that we don't like them. How do u tell an obligatory friend "let's not hang out anymore, coz we just don't click".

And so, you continue to go for those obligatory gatherings, obligatory weddings, obligatory birthday parties, obligatory farewells etc. And then you bitch later about it to your close friends. It's not always true that you can CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS. Sometimes, you're just stuck with them, and well, just gotta make the best of it.

1) Tell them off if you really dislikes certain things they do.
2) Maybe after a while, they'll stop asking you out.
3) Ignore his/her calls. maybe after a while they'll forget u. (seriously i dont think this has ever worked for me)


belle said... having obligatory birthday party this sat...and m thinking of an escape! the people the mix with are simply lalas! couldnt stand it T T

zeroimpact said...

If my fingers are not lying to me, then I might be left friendless after I do all the suggested

endroo G said...

Sometime obligatory friends maybe handy when we needed them for just something they can offer or help.

I service/maintain my obligatory friendships occasionally.

If you think this is too harsh of me, well, I've stated it.

endroo G said...

... life is like that. You can't possibly be close (as in "sharing an underwear") to everyone of your friends.

iamikel said...

i sometimes still 'entertain' some obligatory friends because they thought we still 'click'....

kyels said...

Obligatory friends will somehow happen even though we may prevent it from happening ... That's what I think.

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