Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side (oh baby I)
Cherish the joy
You keep bringing it into my life (Im always singing it)
Cherish your strength
You got the power to make me feel good (and baby I)
Perish the thought
Of ever leaving, I never would-

Cherish the Love we have,
we should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love
Cherish the life
Cherish the love
Cherish the love we have
For as long as we both shall live- Kool and The Gang

It's not often that you find songs with the same title from different singers that are both excellent! Got anymore?


kyels said...

"Cherish" by Brian McKnight ... ;)

Here's the chorus:

Cherish her love
Show her she's right where she belongs
Take care of her heart
Before she's gone
Cherish her love

Jemima said...

Haha.. Kyels beat me to it. :p

endroo G said...

Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Stand By Me - Oasis

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