Friday, July 13, 2007

Weddings and Such

For the past week, i was asked (very seriously) by my friend to be her bridesmaid. we were chatting animatedly online about what nots and suddenly in a serious tone she went "wait, i got something to ask you first"...then pause, then "can u be my bridesmaid?". I felt suddenly really touched. Because it felt like i will be witnessing my friend of almost 16 years through her most important night of all. i felt honored really. but now i'm thinking about what i gotta wear and need to lose some weight pulak, hehe.
just 2 nights ago, had an outing with the ipoh girls and another friend asked me to be her emcee, coz she remembered my short stint(pathetic) deejaying in new brunswick during my uni days. it was in cantonese, mind you. i couldnt refuse her, because you can't refuse an about-to-get-married-friend-of-22-years wish. i'm afraid i'll just accidentally blurt something vulgar or sound funny in my cantonese/english.
but there was a friend who's single who came that night. and she didn't really say much, and as much as she could, tried to change the subject. 2 friends are getting married and it's only natural that they talked non-stop and comparing notes about the wedding plans. heck, even me and my sis (who aren't getting married) shared their happiness and woohed and wahhed with them. but that particular friend didnt.
i think it's kinda selfish on her side. it's not always that we gather these days. and wedding is a big deal. and what kind of friends would we be if we don't share the joy with them? i felt like telling her why she cannot put aside her i'm-single-&-sad sulky self and just be happy for them. does it hurt to just not think about yourself for that one night?
i on the other hand, can't wait to see my friend try her wedding gown on the 21st!


Jemima said...

Shared joy is double joy.

Hence, I can really feel my friends' happiness when they all start to get married.

They always asked when is my turn.
What can I say except.. that my turn will come when God says it's time...

tihtahpah said...

jem, i'm just glad i found mine. but even when i was single, attending weddings was fun, especially if they're your best pals.

kyels said...

My close friend is getting married too albeit having those wedding blues; I'm going to witness this happiness ... It's definitely a joy!


visithra said...

sorry but ur friends a sour puss - she should be happy for ur friend - n come on weddings are so fun especially when its a close friends - heck id be planning on how to bully them ;p

one thing i dont like about soon to be married couples is they try to pair u up or they bug u to get married asap

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