Monday, July 09, 2007

A Latte Lesson

Was at the Bakeroni Cafe in Taman Desa just having a lazy afternoon with endroog. The ladyboss was very friendly and quickly asked if we've been there before. Gave a quick intro on her interesting menu and made a special note on her latte. The real ITALIAN latte she says.

And well, it was really good. A 3-layer-latte. She came over in a bit and expressed deeply that her latte is genuine unlike the stuff we get nowadays at the cafes/starbucks/coffee bean. She says that's how a latte should be served. And now that we are 'educated' we can demand for that kind of latte in the cafes we go to.

And it's true, sometimes we Malaysians don't take pride in our work. And we sometimes also accept sub-standard. Why not go for the best when you can? But she did say that usually if the cafe is charging her like less than RM6 for a latte, she won't be so demanding, but if she's paying over RM12 in a 5 star hotel, she jolly well should get what she deserves! a decent cup of coffee! Latte in a glass!

And it's interesting to see a person so passionate about her cafe. it's a simple place, but you see many regulars, compared to the Secret Recipe just behind it. She gives a personal touch by interaction with her customers. And surprisingly, she said that she brings her staff out to experience fine dining in hotels, so she can guide and let them know what kind of service is expected. I dont see many people able to do that, in fact some dont even treat their workers like human!

And you know what...the food at this Bakeroni Cafe is simple but is of excellent quality and cheap too. Had the latte for RM6.90. No service charge. Turkey egg sandwich was excellent. And it's not an AhBeng joint. Trust me.
For address and map go to Endroo's link.


Jemima said...

I took note of the addy at Endroo's. ;)

Thanks for the review.. definitely a place I don't mind to patronise when I'm in town.

belle said...

print the map 1st xD drag waterfish treat me eat there kakakaka~
" some dont even treat their workers like human " <---- so true and sad

kyels said...

Interesting. I gotta check it out then.

Off topic; the resto in Bangsar's called House Frankfurt, a German resto. And the famous dish over there is the German Pork Knuckle (served with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes), amazing!


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