Monday, July 23, 2007

The Downfall

The Downfall- the movie is in German. THe last movie in German i watched was Sophie Scholl. Sophie Scholl was about this anti-Nazi student, depicting her capture, trial, and finally her death, giving us an insight of just how organized and serious the offence was, of simply having a different believe from the Fuhrer.

The Downfall was as the title suggests, the downfall of Adolf Hitler, showing the events of the last few days of Hitler and Eva Braun. The movie made me realize just how fanatic the Germans were and how influenced they were by this man's idea of a superior race - it was more than just eradication of the 6 million Jews, but it was about a vision for a greater Germany. It was more than just an obsession, it was simply the way to live for some. The only way to live.

Even in his death, Germans who shared his belief were steadfast and his influence reigned on for a long time. The movie also showed the perspective of the secretary who shared the last few days in the bunkers with Hitler.

Don't expect any big drama the hollywood way in this movie. It's informative and an eye-opener. It's nothing glorified, just factual and grim at the same time. See it.

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Andrew said...

See, I told you. Glad we watched it and for me for finally to get to watch it.

I just like WWII movies. You know that.

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