Friday, July 06, 2007

You Can't Hurry Love

My mama said
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
But its a game of give and take
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes- Phil Collins
I just got news that my friend B was getting married in November. i got an instant message right after from another friend A. A saw the announcement and is anxious that B was getting married. You see she's single, and has been for a long time.
But, what exactly is A worried about? That she hasn't found the ONE yet? Or the fact that all of our friends from secondary school are either ALREADY attached or married? Why is this made into a competition anyways? And that's the thing about women really, we're generally competitive.
On the other hand, my other friend, KY, well, she's celebrating her singlehood. What's so bad about being single. You can't hurry love. So while waiting you might as well enjoy singlehood! That's our(me and KY) philosophy anyway.


zeroimpact said...

Another one that I like is can't buy love
Competition is bound to be there as humans will be humans
We will never learn no matter what
Being single is good and bad, the same goes with companionship

endroo G said...

by the way, are you enjoying "doublehood" now?

tihtahpah said...

zeroimpact: can't buy me luv- beatles
endroo: of coz :)

belle said...

gooosebumps again

nyahaha!dont lie szer! "when u are absent in my sleep..."

..somtimes..i really misses the time of me being single..tho m onli 20 but ive never been single since 15 year old 0_0

Vicky said...

People have different priorities mah. They got gan cheong when the reality is pushing hard against their desire. Well, nevertheless must also enjoy the process of waiting when they are still single. :)

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