Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Rumour Mongers and Leeches

i was talking to a fellow blogger, and realized that there seems to be a spat after every blogger's meet. I wonder why. Even those who doesn't really know anything about anything that happened tend to pounce and wait eagerly to put comments about the thing that happen. Is life really so boring for these people that that's like the highlight of their lives?

And why do they always wait until the next day, to comment on the blog entry, and not do it face to face anyways?

ANd it doesnt only happen in the blogosphere. Even at work, whenever something happen, like the time when i resigned, so many people came up to me trying to advise me,or just give me malicious suggestions or warnings whatever. Rumours began to spread and then things just get out of hand.

All because of some leeches who din have anything else better to look forward to. Leeches who finds 'fun' in scandals and rumours and chaos. Weird but these people do exist. I classify those who drives and stops to look at accidents (causing a traffic jam) in the same category too. People who pounce on scandals. Even when they have nothing to do about it.



iamikel said...

then we should put some salt onto those leeches!!!

kyels said...

Yes, it's very childish to do so.

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