Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"Yumcha later?"'s like a common line nowadays. even the malays use that now. The best thing about yumcha is that there are NO RULES. It is the most versatile activity ever.

There is no fixed time. You can yumcha anytime. Be it during working hours, or wee hours, or after dinner -ANYTIME. you can even come late, there are no rules, your friends could already be there earlier, and you need to finish off work or something, there are no rigid rules.

And now you can do it anywhere too. The place could be dirty, or a mamak or kopitiam, a cafe (a reasonably cheap one of course). Some of those who prefer only Starbucks etc, well those won't make good yumcha kakis because yumcha culture is supposed to be economical. How long can you last with just one RM10 frap??? Where else you can get a FEW AIS KOSONG or TEH TARIK or KOPI Ais? Even conversations can last longer coz you dont have to worry about burning a hole in ur wallet.

But well, some yumcha etiquettes to observe. Take turns to pay. Especially if you and your yumcha kakis meet regularly. Or else, just go dutch. Be sure that your yumcha kakis have the same understanding.

Pick a place that's easy to go, easy to find parking, and of considerable distance for the convenience of the yumcha kakis. it ought to be an agreed place that is easily accessible. people usually don't stray from their yumcha spots, but maybe a few choices are better for flexibility.

Where are your yumcha spots?


zeroimpact said...

Yes, just came back from one myself just now
Affordable would be the word as different people different budget la
But it's universal here and yum cha is the unofficial place we discuss all matter, work, pleasure, or just anything

kyels said...

Usual spot; somewhere nearby the place that we're staying.


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