Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just recently heard news that a friend of mine (not so close friend) just broke up with the bf of 7 years. simply because she's had enough and thought she deserve better. Some people might think she's heartless but i think otherwise. Sometimes it's just the way it is.

I can't say how many girl friends of mine have let go of a long relationship because of this. Because they think they deserve better. Even I have. Was with a guy for 4 years and after that i was weighing the pros and cons. I thought the relationship was not going anywhere. I was on a different direction and he was not heading anywhere in particular. I had all sorts of plans and he didn't have any. Sometimes love just ain't enough. It's true.

But when to let go. I must say it was not an easy decision. To know that the relationship turn into something you hadn't hope for. And all the time, i kept thinking that i had to do it just simply because i deserve better. I'll rather be single really, it ain't that bad. Nobody pushed me into it. I just decided one day that enough was enough. I had to be FAIR to myself.

EVen a good friend of mine once said, that she was constantly reminding the bf to do this and that, telling him to study etc, it dawned on her that it was getting ridiculous coz she was mommying him. What is she getting out of the relationship really? I know it's selfish to think that way, but i dont think there's anything wrong to that. Coz most women look for the basic stuff, someone to rely on. Someone who is compatible in terms of attitude and way of life. TEll me how can u rely on someone who doesnt even know where he's heading to?

Well, that's a woman's point of view. I'm sure men have the same experience. At a turning point when he thinks he deserve a better woman, maybe one that appreciates him. Some women fail to do that. WHAT SAY YOU?


endroo G said...

i'll try to be better.

belle said...

funny thing is i just heard my violin teacher telling me bout this..
her fren left the bf because at the age of 30 he is yet not her friend decided to let go and look for better.
i think everyone deserve better...for guys..don get involve when you know u cant give much..
we need security

kyels said...

We always seek for the better but it also depends on our luck. Some can survive with their first love and some cannot due to certain reasons.

As for me, I prefer to be single; it's freedom for me.


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