Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Compare Compare Compare

Me and my fren, K, had a long conversation about this. It's about women who are competitive in heart. They don't declare it but they do compare themselves with other women of the same peer.

And they compare about the most ridiculous things. Check this out:
1) Who gets married first? Or who hasn't? Already they feel bad that they don't have a partner but somehow if someone in the same peer group is not married yet, it makes them feel much better? Why? I would never understand, but that's how ppl like that think.

2) Who travels more? K and I believe that no matter how much you travel, well, the bad or the real you never really change. And why does how much another person travel should affect another person anyway? What's there to compare?

3) Who gets off work the latest? It's weird but i find this VERY COMMON. some women actually rants and is actually proud that they get off work late. I find this very strange when me tries to clock out at 5.30pm sharp and is happy to dump all the work for the next day. They actually diss me that i get off work early. But i answer them back saying that i've paid my dues and i dont get paid overtime anyways...so...why?

These women who like to compare, i think they just have low self-esteem and so much insecurities that having at least ONE fallout guy makes them look good. I wanna get married when i'm ready-not because of peer pressure. I wanna travel because i wanna see more. And i certainly dont wanna be stuck at work until 10-11pm just so i may seem HARDWORKING.


Jemima said...

*applause & standing ovation*

Sometimes I feel like telling them where to go.. especially those who think I'm not in their class.

belle said...

it happens all the time..
but u might miss this out
who's hunk is richer,handsomer,roxer
who use more branded stuff..
its getting out of hand sometimes.

neomesuff said...

hardworking people are not smart people...hehehee...m neither ..haiya thats y not rich hehehee

kyels said...

Even if they compare, nothing will come out of it but jealousy and it may lead to unwanted scenarios.

Always be thankful for what you have.


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