Monday, July 30, 2007

The Cup Story

Here's what i read this weekend.

A frenchman saw a cup and said "This is a tasse."
An Indonesian came and said "No, this is a cawan."
Then a Chinese man saw and said "This is a pei."
An Englishman then came and said " No, this is a cup and i can prove it."
He brings a dictionary and says "This will prove that it's called a cup."
The Indonesian and frenchman likewise brought their dictionaries as evidence.
The Chinese man said "The Chinese is the oldest civilization and our dictionary says it's a pei."

In the midst of the argument, Buddha came and drank from the cup.
He says that it didn't matter whether it was a tasse, cawan, pei or a cup, most important is its purpose.

Lesson: we must learn to respect other religions and it didn't matter what religion you are, the main thing is that religion teaches us the same values on how to be a good person.


zeroimpact said...

I know where this came from
The rope bun right
Anyway no religion teaches bad things
It is humans that are the devil meaner than the devil himself

endroo G said...

A Good Question, A Good Answer .

kyels said...

Every religions in the world have the same teachings and when interpreted the meaning are the same. So, it does not matter what religion you practice; what matters most is what have you learned from it.

belle said...

im not that much into religion but i agree...respect

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