Monday, July 02, 2007

A Gay Affair in Bangkok

It was a hiatus week for me in Thailand, so i was glad to finally leave work and head off to Bangkok from Ayutthaya to meet my gayfren, YB.

YB said he has to take me to checkout the gay scene in the land of open sex. LIBERATION. After a drink or two at his apartment we head off to meet Jason (one of his buddies), a really flamboyant Filipino.

First was the boys go-go show. They were adamant to go to this place called Jupiter, but we missed the performance so...head off to Dream Boyz. The name was enough to 'scare' me. HAHA. Guys were already parading in their undies on the stage when we arrived. I asked Jason "why are those guys parading there". Jason said " oh, they're being AUCTIONED." ohhhhh

Well the highlight of the entire show was of this two guys having sex right on the stage. For a good 20 minutes. With the most impossible stances. What a performance. The night continued with some men handpainted that looks really great while they are gyrating on the stage. The last was an unappetizing drag show. Though the Thai audience really loved it.

We then headed off to what YB described as the sacred club of the gays in South East Asia, called DJ. And it was truly different. And incredibly fun too. I now understand what YB meant when he said gay clubs are way more fun. 60% of the guys are shirtless. And did i mention that they are all hot guys??? Not so easy to be a gay - to maintain that kinda 'hotness' for marketability purposes. hehe.
Went to Chatuchak the next morning with YB and his fren, Bau....
So here's thanking YB for what must be the 'gayest' outing ever!


Jemima said...

Show photos plzzzzzzzzzzz :p

endroo G said...


kyels said...

Wow, from your description it sounds really funky to be in a gay bar!


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