Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fight For Yourself

A friend of mine just told me that he received an increment of RM100! And i've heard a lot of good reviews from his colleagues (who happen to be my friends). RM100 is kinda insulting. And this friend of mine has done more that his scope of work, not only as service engineer but also as a trainer. Even though he's only been working for less than 2 years.

So, he's new at this. What i mean is haggling on ur increment. Fighting for what u deserve. So this is what i advised him.
1. Fight first. Talk it out with your boss/manager on your performance. Maybe you haven't been performing as well as you thought. But if you believe strongly u did, list out and lay it out to your boss with an open discussion. But should do it over the official increment letter.
2. In the meantime, ought to look at other job offers. Start sending out your resumes to gauge your marketability. remember that you have to live with that pathetic increment for one year until the next appraisal.
3. Chase your HR for the official letter. Once the letter is delayed, your chances to reverse the increment is smaller. And then all sorts of excuses your manager will give.
4. If you still can't get what you want, speak to the person who is superior to your direct manager. Or to someone who can make a decision.
5. If all's failed, then it's time to find another job -just so your boss know that you're indispensable.
MOst of the time we're actually bullied into accepting whatever increment we get only because we have a lousy manager or we just didn't say anything about it. Your manager is the eyes and ears of the management, and if your manager does nothing to highlight your good performance then you're screwed! Nobody would know what you've done. In truth, most managers only care for their own increment.

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kyels said...

I'm not in the working world yet but I've heard of these cases before among my working pals.

Yes, we ought to fight for ourselves no matter what.

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