Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr/Ms High Class

So you think you're high class? You look down on people who do not share the same sentiment as you. Like the places you go, the food you eat and the people you hang out with.

Mr/Ms High Class doesn't hang out at the mamak because the cheapo red plastic chairs will dirty their porcelain butt. And the food is just too low-class for them, even though it fills up your tummy just as well. NOpe, they'll trade their limaus for lemons, and kopi-tarik for lattes.

Mr/Ms High Class doesn't hang out with losers, and losers are the low wage earners, the non-high flyers, the poor/mediocre people-who-toiled-for-their-money. Nope. They only hangout with rich people or influential people or the beautiful people. Irregardless whether their fun or not. If you're ALL THAT, you're in.

Mr/Ms High Class looks down on people who take AIR ASIA/Tiger Airways. It didn't matter that it'll help THEM to save money too, but it just looks bad on them if they were to tell their other high class friends that they took AIR ASIA.

Mr/Ms High Class would look at you in horror if you've not been to EUROPE.

Well, i'm far from high class, but i think i'll have more fun with the 'low-class' then. :)


Jemima said...

You just reminded me of a schoolmate who came back from overseas & told us that she no longer knows how to use chopsticks when she has a chinese meal.

Well, we were no class to her when we started eating KFC take-away with our fingers.. whereas Ms High Class opted to use a knife & fork. :p

tihtahpah said...

yar jem, i know what you mean. so many people came back overseas claiming culture shock, or suddenly can't speak malay/cantonese/chinese (even though they're chinese ed!)it's all a facade.

kyels said...

Well, I love Air Asia; they aren't that bad and their services do satisfy what I want.

Mr/Ms High Class ... Pfft!

endroo G said...

To live in Malaysia.. you must be like a Malaysian.

It is time to answer these question:

Which is your favorite mamak stall?
Which is your favorite kopitiam?

Here's just 2. There will be another 48 questions to ask yourself...

belle said...

mamak rulesz! and i dont care what ppl say.
sze.. the culture shock thingy..i so agree.
how could they forgot where they come from and what they actually are?
*suddenly i miss roti pisang*

visithra said...

one of the requirements to be my friend is being able to sit at a mamak n have food ;p i so dont have time for upturn nose people - anyway theyre not fun as well

the worst ones are the ones who develop an accent though theyve been there for less than 6 months - n suddenly the lah is a disgrace - bah!

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